100616Hi.  My name is Rod Saunders, and I’m the owner of Jew and Greek.  I’m a musician, web developer, and a student of philosophy and economics.  I recently published my first book on Amazon entitled Defending the Faith: Word of Faith Apologetics.  It’s a response to the numerous charges against and misrepresentations of the Word of Faith movement and theology.  I also have a CD of original music on CD Baby entitled Gates of Pearl.

I have worked in IT off and on for twenty years.  I built my first website in 1999, and have built many more since.  My blogging career started in 2011 when I began writing about a hard currency scam.  The site became very popular, but I felt that it had run its course and I wanted to put my research and writing skills to better use, so I started this site.

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“Jew and Greek” is a good name because the two civilizations that influenced Western civilization the most were those of the Judeo-Christian and Greek worlds.  From the Jews we received our values and a monotheistic theology, and from the Greeks we got philosophy which brought us science, sports, the arts, democracy, and economics.   As a result I discuss all of the above in this blog and in my videos.  I write most of the material here, but occasionally I’ll publish something from a guest writer.

Jewish and Greek Thought

My Beliefs

While I do my best to be tolerant of the views of others and as gracious as possible when I disagree with them, I do feel that it’s necessary to establish for my readers a frame of reference for what I write.  I am a born again Christian, and I affirm all of the essential doctrines of the faith.  I was raised Southern Baptist and was baptized at the age of eight.  In my twenties I attended bible school which gave me an appreciation for theology.  After I graduated I began studying many other subjects on my own, including philosophy, political science, economics, and the origins of the universe and man.

  • Regarding philosophy, I have an appreciation for the ancient Greeks and how they began the quest to understand the nature of life and the material world, but of course as a Christian I realize that man is limited in his capacity to comprehend these things.  That revelation has been provided for us by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the Holy Bible.
  • Regarding theology, I am a Charismatic/Neo-Pentecostal with an Arminian view on sovereignty and a limited acceptance of dispensationalism.
  • Regarding political science, I believe in democracy but of course I recognize its limitations.  Socrates didn’t believe that the masses were capable of governing themselves, and to a certain extent I agree.  They can only do so to the extent that they remain informed.  That’s why our founding fathers stated that a well-informed citizenry was necessary for our survival as free people.  My ideology is somewhat complicated, and I tend to offend people on both sides of the spectrum.  I am conservative on most issues, although I have many libertarian leanings as well.  While many people become more conservative as they get older, I have actually become more liberal.  Above all as a Christian I absolutely reject partisanship of any kind.  All issues and all candidates should be accepted or rejected on their own merits.
  • Regarding economics, I believe in capitalism but again I must qualify that with the fact that human nature being what it is requires that there be some regulatory oversight.  Unbridled capitalism will not work, as we saw in the economic crash that led to the Great Depression.
  • Regarding origins, I have mixed views on the origin of the universe.  While I certainly don’t believe that the universe created itself through a random event, I’m not committed to a time frame or process by which God created everything.  I do not believe in macro-evolution (evolution across species) but I do believe in micro-evolution (gradual adaptations within species).

Guest Contributors


In addition to being a close friend, Marcus Curtis has worked for a Fortune 500 company for twenty-five years.  He has a strong background in economics, apologetics, and bible prophecy.  He currently runs two blogs called Iraq Currency Watch and Biblical Views and World Economics.  Also a musician, Marcus has a website dedicated to helping musicians develop their guitar playing and promote their music called Marcus Curtis Music.

Supporting J & G

This is a for-profit venture so I don’t accept donations.  If you like the work that I do and want to support it, just buy my stuff.  Tell other people about the blog.  Watch my YouTube videos.  Invite me to speak at your meetings.  The more revenues I get from my online efforts the more time I will have to devote to them.  Thanks.

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Rod Saunders – My personal website where I feature my music.

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6 thoughts on “About J & G

  1. i like what you are doing in defense of wof , i wanted to attend rhema back in the 80’s , but i “chose poorly” to say the least. i am endeavoring to find / fulfill His purposes for whatever time is left for me. i would like to get involved with what your doing somehow. my “giftings” have surfaced on occasion , but i’ve simply been too distracted to develope much. i.e. = wrote a term paper in college that destroyed durkheim’s theory of “moral relativism”…(similiar to the movie “God’s not dead”, i had to contend with a triple phd. in soc.sci.) the “spirit of wisdom / revelation” was phenominal!! all Him ,my contribution was minimal. anywho, i’ll follow what your doing , and look for opportunity to help. God bless & keep you safe.

    1. Hi, Mark. It sounds like you have a common interest in apologetics, theology, and philosophy. That’s great. As you may know, I have this site, a YouTube channel, and pages for Facebook and Twitter in addition to my eBook on Amazon Kindle. I’m trying to build a follower/subscriber base for now. Next year I plan to start doing podcasts and interviews. So what you can do is help me get the word out about what I’m doing, and if you see something that you think I should write about don’t hesitate to send it to me. Thanks for your support.


  2. Just wanting to say hello to you Rod. Plus that I like your YOUTUBE Channel. It would be great to get acquainted with you.

  3. I should very much like to read your book but the Amazon Kindle program does not run on my PC – and I don’t have a Kindle. Can I buy it from you as a PDF or in some other form?

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed Mark 16 discussion. I have wondered about the latter part of the chapter. You have fully satisfied my curriosity with your explanation . Thank you

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